Have you ever
felt hungry after eating a huge meal?  Do you feel so  bloated
that the thought of having sex with your partner is out of the
question?  Are you overweight and have trouble losing weight â
even a pound? Do you see yourself aging before your very eyes and
feel so tired you donât feel like being intimate? In this
episode Sherry Granader, a passionate health & wellness
consultant, will discuss how to alkalize and energize for great sex.

Sherry discusses
acid overload and which foods you should and should not be eating
that will make a huge impact on how you look and feel. She has the
scoop on the importance of eating alkaline foods, super green foods,
antioxidants, and what makes the body crave sugar and salt. Sherry
shares her Cupa, Cupa, Cupa Smoothie recipe thatâs easy,
delicious and very good for you. Find out what you can do today to
make a difference in your daily regimen to maximize your energy and
watch  your vibrant, sexy self return! 

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