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In today’s episode, Rachel Russo, Dating, Relationship & Image Coach and Marriage Educator, interviews three specialists who work with brides – a nutritionist, a hairstylist, and a makeup artist.  They share their insight to help women deal with their need to look perfect on their wedding day.  The advice provided is not just for brides-to-be, but also for their fiancés, many of whom just don’t understand a partner’s strong need for dieting, exercising, grooming, or the endless search for “the” dress.  Both sexes are aware of shows like Say Yes To The Dress, Shedding For The Wedding, and Bridezillas that reinforce the idea of the importance of the wedding day, but do they recognize the pressure around maintaining appearances and how it can put serious strain on a relationship?

It does NOT have to be this way! Rachel and her special guests provide empathy and hope for both parties by informing listeners that they aren’t alone with their image-related concerns. You will learn that there are smart solutions to creating and maintaining your image in a healthy way so it does not affect your relationship.  And, sometimes it’s as simple as planning ahead and managing expectations. Read More→
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Robert Allen speaks with Craig Michaels, a happily married man and the author of Thirty to Wife, a “What to Expect at Your Wedding” guide for every
prospective groom.  Craig is also the creator of an extensive website serving as a sounding board for grooms-to-be.  Craig advises grooms starting the process:  support your bride, really listen and step up every now and then and you will be appreciated for it.  Learn what to do and what NOT to do.

Hear how brides can get their groom involved through technology whether using the Internet for basic research for favors, booking travel, purchasing jewelry to creating your registry and building a wedding website.  The groom inevitably will get hooked.

Listen first hand how to best deal with the family – the inlaws and your family.  Be a good son.  Communicate.  Delegate.  Be patient.

Wedding costs are out of control.  Craig shares some great cost saving ideas without cheapening the affair.  Start early, go off the beaten path, adopt a less-is-more attitude.  Saving money will save you time and anxiety in the long run.

You’re not getting away without wearing a wedding ring.  Tunein and hear Craig’s Tiffany & Co. story.  Who doesn’t love a little blue box?

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LoveCast(tm) Show #4

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

Why do women like to talk more than men?  What is “relationship talk”? Are relationships more important to women than men?  These are just some of the questions that we tackle in this episode of the LoveCast.

This show is all about communication.  Men and women differ greatly how they talk about the relationship with their partner.  Women are excited to talk.  Men automatically assume that there is a problem.  We need to understand that men and women approach problems differently and have different styles of how to work things out.  Both men and women should be rewarded for what they say and do.  Talk is therapuetic.

Learn how to communicate during high stress times such as when planning a wedding.  Find out the key things to remember when you are in those stressful times to help keep the relationship healthy.  We have the answers to better understand why talk helps you connect, feel better and build intimacy.

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