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Today is your lucky day.  Henry Roth and Michelle Roth, brother and sister fashion team, share their three generations of family bridal tradition, and take you on a unique wedding planning journey.  Be prepared to smile and laugh and hear true confessions from a pair that know the wedding business like no other exclusively on Wedding Podcast Network.

In their first show Henry & Michelle discuss the ever important pivotal component that sets the tone for the whole wedding – the wedding dress.  It’s the first
thing people see at the wedding.  It creates mystery and excitement.

We’ve heard it a million times – My wedding has to be PERFECT!  Brides everywhere have the same pressures, worries, concerns – the photos, the weather, the cake and flowers.  Henry and Michelle lift the lid on an industry that has spent years creating the fantasy.

And how do ALL brides want to look?  Can you guess?  SLIM!!!!  Henry and Michelle talk REALITY and equip you with what you can really expect.  Brides
will have a deeper understanding when purchasing a gown once they listen to this special podcast.  You will learn to remain calm, use common sense and deal.

The bride’s energy is part of her wedding gown.  It’s how you feel inside that will make you shine on the outside.  This dynamic duo tell our listeners to enjoy the experience – the good and the bad.  They say “it’s all doable.  Put everything in perspective”.

Hear all about Michelle’s wedding dress.  Her last fitting was the morning of her wedding day – aagh!  She discusses alterations and what you should bring
to your personal fitting.  Bottom line – own it, wear it, love it!

If you have any questions for Henry and Michelle send us an Email They would love your comments
and feedback.

Stay tuned for more Planet Bride(tm) only on the Wedding Podcast Network

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Robert Allen on Martha Stewart Living Radio

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

Robert Allen Executive Producer of  the Wedding Podcast Network and wedding videojournalist was interviewed by Darcy Miller weddings Editor.  Listen as Robert and Darcy talk about the importance of video for a wedding.  You will also hear about the things you need to know about choosing the right videographer.  Robert also talks about the Wedding Podcast Network and the programs on the network.

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