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Ready to get invigorated?  Hear up to the minute advice with brother sister team Henry Weinreich and Michelle Roth to get real while you are planning your walk down the aisle.  Their top twenty tips will help you get through your mid wedding planning blues and recharge you to have the most memorable wedding ever.

Tiresome, boring, stodgy, task filled wedding planning grind can get to you!  The reality of planning a wedding is a FT job.  You’re mad as hell and you’re not going to take it anymore!  It’s time to take a well deserved break.  Give yourself permission to cherish and remember the moments.

In this episode you will hear the first ten of twenty rejuvenating tips, find out Henry’s new moniker for multitasker, what Eva Longoria did before her wedding, ways to ignite sparks with your partner and lots more guilty pleasures.  Henry and Michelle offer amazing ideas and phenomenal life lessons to tackle mid-wedding planning blues head on.

Stay tuned. Another ten tips are coming soon.  Don’t miss it.

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How do you fit into your own wedding plans?  Henry Weinreich & Michelle Roth discuss their top ten tips on how to be yourself and be natural and approachable.  Your groom and guests will notice a less nervous, more self confident and happy you.  Learn how to make the wedding real for you and not to be a Barbie Bride.

Things happen.  Do not get caught up and overwhelmed.  Stop worrying about wedding planning mishaps.  What is ceremony stiff syndrome?  How can wedding day delegation make a difference?  How important is a bridal suite and preparation room?  How do you define your farewells?  This dynamic duo answer these questions and more as you prepare to walk down the aisle.  They share personal stories and real life experiences that will help you de-stress and decompress.  They tackle issues that will prepare you for the unexpected and ultimately help lessen any element
of surprise.

Get comfortable.  Relax.  Armed with Henry & Michelle’s expert advice you will be able to transition into your wedding with ease.  Their valuable tips and solutions help you get real and deal and stay in control of your day.  Your wedding will inevitably run much more smoothly if you incorporate Henry & Michelle’s therapeutic advice.  This podcast should not be missed.

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In this episode of Planet Bride Michelle and Henry Roth share their top ten tips on what you need “inside” to look beautiful on the “outside” before you glide down the aisle. The discussion is all about how to look great and healthy on your wedding day.  Not only will your guests be looking at your wonderful wedding gown but they will also look at your skin.  Hear how to get that fresh, bridal glow before you put on your makeup.

Henry and Michelle share great, easy advice on how to achieve a vibrant look for your skin and overall health for your wedding day and beyond.

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You scheduled your appointment for your first fitting of your wedding gown.  Are you nervous?  Overwhelmed?  Don’t know what to expect? Henry and Michelle Roth discuss the facts about alterations and explain the importance of your feelings and the fittings process.

What do you need to know when you walk into the alterations room?  Who should go with you and why?  What must you remember to bring? What happens at the first fitting?  Why so many pins?  When will you start to see the shape of the dress?  What if you lose weight?  What is the timeline for the first, second, third and possibly even a fourth fitting?  How many days before the wedding day should the last fitting be?

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Henry and Michelle Roth take you behind the curtains in their NYC showroom with real bride Ruth. She took a train from Albany, NY to discuss her concerns and fears about how the wedding dress fits. Henry and Michelle take care of this 6′ tall bride in the alterations room. Henry and Michelle want this bride and brides everywhere to be happy with their choice. Will the dress that Ruth likes accommodate her height and torso? Is this the dress she will ultimately purchase?

Many questions are asked of Ruth – Are you nervous about today’s appointment? What type of wedding are you having? Did you use the Internet when looking for the gown? Did you go to any sample sales? Did you bring a shoe with the right heel height and lingerie? Are you happy with the proportion of the bodice? What are you most conscious of? When you try on a sample size can you vision how it will look once fitted? What does the bride want to hide on her body the most? Why are you uncertain?

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Hooray – it’s the right dress and it’s time to face reality in the mirror. Your wedding is two months away.  6 weeks.  2 weeks.  Design duo, Michelle and Henry Roth, have a lively, informational conversation about wedding gown alterations.  Learn the psychology of your seams and how to ensure the perfect fit.

Every wedding dress needs alterations.  The first fitting is undoubtedly nerve wracking.  Brides want to look slim and be comfortable.  Don’t get freaked out from numbers.  Fact:  wedding dresses run small.  Brides come in all shapes and sizes.  Have confidence in the place you have chosen your dress to ensure success down the aisle.

Henry and Michelle tell you the right questions to ask and help raise awareness.  Fall in love with the gown, how you look and the total experience.

This is the first of a three part show.  Check back soon to hear Part 2 with a real bride from the hallow grounds of the alterations room.

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Today is your lucky day.  Henry Roth and Michelle Roth, brother and sister fashion team, share their three generations of family bridal tradition, and take you on a unique wedding planning journey.  Be prepared to smile and laugh and hear true confessions from a pair that know the wedding business like no other exclusively on Wedding Podcast Network.

In their first show Henry & Michelle discuss the ever important pivotal component that sets the tone for the whole wedding – the wedding dress.  It’s the first
thing people see at the wedding.  It creates mystery and excitement.

We’ve heard it a million times – My wedding has to be PERFECT!  Brides everywhere have the same pressures, worries, concerns – the photos, the weather, the cake and flowers.  Henry and Michelle lift the lid on an industry that has spent years creating the fantasy.

And how do ALL brides want to look?  Can you guess?  SLIM!!!!  Henry and Michelle talk REALITY and equip you with what you can really expect.  Brides
will have a deeper understanding when purchasing a gown once they listen to this special podcast.  You will learn to remain calm, use common sense and deal.

The bride’s energy is part of her wedding gown.  It’s how you feel inside that will make you shine on the outside.  This dynamic duo tell our listeners to enjoy the experience – the good and the bad.  They say “it’s all doable.  Put everything in perspective”.

Hear all about Michelle’s wedding dress.  Her last fitting was the morning of her wedding day – aagh!  She discusses alterations and what you should bring
to your personal fitting.  Bottom line – own it, wear it, love it!

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