Everybody LOVES Planet Bride and adore show hosts Henry and Michelle.  This extraordinary duo invite Holli Ehrlich to be their guest on this special video podcast taped in NYC.  This program is dedicated to identifying an important issue in a different light and providing down to earth advice.

Planet Bride is all about the realization of a celebration.  The bride has pressure and stress and wonders:  Do I want my man involved in the wedding planning?  Do I want him interested?  Does he want to be directed?  What are a couples’ expectations and are they being met?  Each combination of two individuals is unique, but the dilemma remains to be seen on how much involvement there should be.

Henry, Michelle and Holli have an enthusiastic conversation about the groom’s role and how to develop an appropriate balance while planning a wedding.  Learn about communication and negotiation while planning your wedding and most importantly how to have a meaningful partnership, marriage and life together.

Be educated.  Be enlightened.  Enjoy watching!
Michelle’s website
Henry’s website
Henry’s Aussie site
Project Runway Australia on YouTube

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