You scheduled your appointment for your first fitting of your wedding gown.  Are you nervous?  Overwhelmed?  Don’t know what to expect? Henry and Michelle Roth discuss the facts about alterations and explain the importance of your feelings and the fittings process.

What do you need to know when you walk into the alterations room?  Who should go with you and why?  What must you remember to bring? What happens at the first fitting?  Why so many pins?  When will you start to see the shape of the dress?  What if you lose weight?  What is the timeline for the first, second, third and possibly even a fourth fitting?  How many days before the wedding day should the last fitting be?

Learn about the relationship of the seamstress and the bride.  What if you have concerns after your fitting and you already left the shop?  How much time does it take to press and pack the dress once the final fitting is completed?  Should you inspect your gown before final sign-off?

Your wedding is a celebration of love NOT a celebration of perfection.  Relax and enjoy the conclusion of Alterations and the Alter Ego – The Fitting.

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