Are you a little older? 
Do you both work?  Would you want to plan your second wedding
different than your first?  Hyela does and embraces her second walk
down the aisle with much happiness.  Jack, never married before, has
two proposals to make.  Hear how Jack includes Sabrina, Hyela’s
8 year old daughter.  Later in the show you find out that Jack
selected the simple, yet sexy Elizabeth Fillmore wedding dress at
Saks Fifth Avenue.  It’s a red carpet winner for Hyela’s
big day. 

Hyela and Jack have a
year to plan their New York City wedding.  They know they want an
intimate and elegant location.  Having no time to really work on a
wedding, they hired an event coordinator, Kristin Manolis of Manolis
& Company Productions.  We asked this busy, engaged couple how
they found Kristin and how they worked together.

Date: Thanksgiving
weekend.  Place: The Essex House.  What next?  This special couple
wanted a party -not a traditional "first" wedding.   
Music and entertainment was such important components that they had
a separate coordinator.  Ever think of including your guests into the
lyrics of a song?

Would you want someone
famous to officiate?  At first Jack was not enthusiastic, but was
ultimately touched by former Mayor David Dinkins’ heartfelt
words.  The ceremony was touching & meaningful for Hyela, Jack
and their guests.

Hyela worked very
closely with Kristin when designing floral centerpieces and the
creative stationery system.  Individual menus had beautiful
calligraphy and were presented in the round. Some really unique and
innovative designs were incorporated to reflect this couple’s
taste and personality.

Best advice:
definitely hire an event coordinator.  After interviewing
three or four possible candidates Hyela and Jack were very pleased
with Kristin’s ability to orchestrate and produce a fabulous
wedding.  They said, "Kristin does all the work. 
We expressed our desires and chose exactly what we wanted . 
Guaranteed you’ll have less mistakes, headaches and hassles."

Do you want to leave an
amazing impression on your guests?  Listen and get some terrific
ideas for your wedding from Hyela and Jack.

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