This Newlywedcast is with Heather and Vee who were married
in July.  They talk about how they met on
the internet dating site 
We discuss what that experience was like for them.  Both Heather and Vee are school teachers.  Planning a wedding around school vacation was challenging so they did some
pre-planning.  Hear about how Vee
proposed to Heather and how they involved their families.

Some interesting planning strategies are revealed as we talk
about searching for a location for the wedding reception.  Is it a good thing to have your groom very
involved in the planning process? 
Heather talks about how she felt about Vee’s contribution to the wedding

Personalizing the wedding ceremony was very important to
both the bride and groom.  We learn how
they went about making the ceremony meaningful for themselves, their family
and friends.  A family member even performed
the ceremony.  They also share how they accommodated
their students that were invited to witness their teachers getting married.

We explore the process that they went through in choosing
their wedding vendors.  From the brass quintet
and hand bell choir for the ceremony to the big band that they chose for their
reception.  Vee even sat in with the band
to play sax on a few songs. 

We discuss menu selections and special dietary
requirements for the wedding reception. 
Finally Heather and Vee talk about their fabulous three week honeymoon in Austria.

Join us for this wonderful Newlywedcast.   

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