Osnat Gad has been a
renowned leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of wedding rings
for more than 25 years.  She wrote a wonderful book called Wedding
Rings where history and romance comes together.  Osnat tells us how
she got interested in jewelry design and shares her personal design
philosophy about the perfect symbol of eternal love.  The precious
circle signifies love has no beginning and no end.  The ring
symbolizes unity and your commitment to marriage.

Find out where the
first known exchange of rings as objects of love took place.  We
discuss the evolution of the wedding ring and how this tradition got
started.  Are wedding rings viewed differently today?  Listen and
find out.

Every culture
interprets the placement of the ring in its own way.  One
longstanding tradition is that the wedding ring is worn on the third
finger of the left hand.  Hear more about this custom here and around
the world.

Osnat discusses
different metal and stone options.  We find out more about gold and
platinum.  We ask Osnat when diamonds came into style as bridal
jewelry.  Learn more about yellow diamonds, a personal favorite of

This is an important
time for communication.  Osnat recommends how couples should shop for
engagement and wedding rings.  The guy isn’t sure what you
really want yet wants to please.  Is it okay to tell your boyfriend
what you like and don’t like?

Osnat shares great
ideas how to adorn your personal style.  Do you want to engrave your
ring with a name, a special date, a pet name or private message? 
Have you considered stackable rings?  Ever hear about a torture ring? 
What better way to celebrate your continuing commitment you have to
one another than with an anniversary ring?

You will want to make
sure your rings fit for a lifetime.  Be realistic.  Osnat tells us
that your finger size may change and the possibility of re-sizing. 
How should you clean your rings?  What if a diamond is loose?  Osnat
has great practical advice.

Osnat’s best
expert advice: Hear each other.  Learn to share.  Wedding rings are
the most personal gifts between two people in love.

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