One of the hottest trends is destination
weddings.  We have one of the most knowledgable experts in the business
Rebecca Grinnals. Robert Allen had the opportunity recently to interview
Rebecca in
Orlando, Florida.

Rebecca shares with us how
she was
influenced as a young girl by the world of weddings.  Rebecca takes us
through all of the important aspects of planning the perfect
destination wedding and enlightens us with some interesting
statistics.  Find out how to get the most out of using the internet to
plan the
details.  She discusses how the planning process differs for a wedding
that takes place away from home.

We answer many of the important

What are my choices for a
destination wedding?  How
do I maximize my budget?  How many site visits do I need?  Should I
use a travel agent?  How much time do I need to plan?  How do I find
the right wedding consultant?  Does my destination have to take place
at a big resort?  Is renting a villa an option?  Do I need to entertain
my guests?  Who is responsible for paying?  Does the honeymoon have to
be at the same place as the wedding?

Rebecca Grinnals is
widely regarded as one of the foremost experts on the business of Destination
Weddings and Honeymoons. She is the Founder and President of wedding and
honeymoon industry consulting firm, Engaging
Concepts, Inc
. based in Celebration, FL and the Chairman of the
Caribbean Wedding Association.
Rebecca is a sought after industry consultant and trend expert. She has been a featured
guest on CBS The Early Show, CNN, Entertainment Tonight, "Weddings of a
LIFETIME," CNBC and on Meet the Masters on The Wedding Podcast

Prior to creating Engaging Concepts
and the Caribbean Wedding Association,
Rebecca co-founded Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons for The Walt
Disney Company, and spent ten years developing the concept into an
unprecedented success.

Recently Rebecca worked with renowned wedding planner, Marcy Blum on Billy Joel’s wedding at his Long
estate and also with wedding design guru
Preston Bailey on Donald Trump’s
at Mar-a-lago.

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Here are the links mentioned in the show:

Rebecca’s company Engaging Concepts website
Sandals Resorts website
Preston Bailey’s website
Marry Caribbean website
Island Brides website
Cayman Islands website

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