Want to turn up the
laughter and joy in your marriage?  Want to be more connected?  Carol
Bruess and Anna Kudak are Ph.Ds dedicated to studying interpersonal
communication patterns of happy couples.  They are both happily
married and passionate about making a difference in the lives of
other couples.  They are the authors of a charming book titled What
Happy Couples Do: Belly Button Fuzz and Bare-Chested Hugs â The
Loving Little Rituals of Romance
.  Their fifteen years of
research examines the touching, romantic, silly, and strange stories
and activities of real-life couples from around the country.  This
special Lovecast will inspire you and your partner to strengthen your
relationship.  We invite you to listen to it together and discover
creative ways to enjoy each other.  Youâll be glad you did!

Do you respect your
relationship enough to infuse it with effort and intention?  If you
want a long-lasting, happy marriage you have to DO something about
it.  Kind words, loving gestures, private nicknames, and other forms
of endearment help create the enduring bond between two life
partners.  Carol and Anna tell us why rituals are the heartbeat of a
happy and healthy marriage.  They talk about special, personal ways
to show your love, respect and appreciation for your partner. Hear
different ways to say âI Love Youï? and the meaning of
âMuï?.  Find out the five most corrosive kinds of
communication that should be avoided.  How important is increasing
positivity and reducing negativity?  You will learn wonderful new
ways to express yourselves and celebrate each other everyday.

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What Happy Couples Do

What Happy Couples Do

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