Welcome to Wedding
Podcast Network’s first LIVE call-in show.  Join
star of Whose Wedding is it Anyway?, veteran wedding planner and
bridal expert
Samantha Goldberg and Executive Producer Wedding
Podcast Network Robert Allen as they answer your questions.  Samantha
offers sound advice and creative solutions that will really help you
have the wedding of your dreams.  Hear some real stories that just
might be your personal dilemma.

Should you put an
earlier time on your invitation knowing friends & family come

What if you can’t
afford to buy bridesmaids gifts?

How do you handle
wedding crashers?

Want to know ways
couples can “give back? in some way?

Any special suggestions
for the older bride?

Looking for some great
lighting suggestions for your beach wedding?

Who should choose the
dress for the Mother of the Groom?

And more!

Thank you to everyone
who called in with their great questions and were part of this
groundbreaking show.  Stay tuned for our next call-in show to hear
smart ideas and thoughtful assistance from Samantha Goldberg.  We
welcome your comments and suggestions.

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