Rescue your weddings from tough times in the economy.  Give yourself permission to open the door to flexibility and relieve stress by loving each other and not just your wallet.  You could create a budget and get depressed about it or you could turn it into an awesome game to get the very best value for your special day.

You have many options and can prioritize your list how you want to spend your money.  Learn about consumer power and how to work best with your vendors.  Where can you find great discounts and arrange for free items and services? Guests want to save money too.  How can they get involved?

Holli Ehrlich & Sharon Naylor share ideas and solutions to consider to have a beautiful, meaningful wedding for less that will reflect a couple’s uniqueness.

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The Bride’s Survival Guide: 150 Mistakes You Should Avoid for the Perfect Wedding

1,001 Ways to Save Money and Still Have a Dazzling Wedding

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