Mothers and daughters share a tight bond that can lead to both great tension and great friendship.  It’s an intense relationship and one that we care about very much.  Giving and receiving criticism is a touchy subject and often occurs when planning a wedding.  Mothers feel obligated to make suggestions to show how much they care.  This level of scrutiny can be very frustrating.

Is your mom trying to claim your wedding as HER DAY?  Which kinds of things do moms do when they’re trying to be the bride?  Are you reading too much into your momâs suggestions?  When in the process does this type of thing start to happen?  What is it that a mom really wants or is trying to accomplish?  How should a mother-daughter communicate their feelings and desires?

Holli Ehrlich and Sharon Naylor give helpful advice for daughters and for mothers/mother-in-laws.  They tackle issues about the guest list, attire, being the center of attention, money and so much more.  They share some of their personal experiences to reduce conflict, assumptions, and miscommunication and help you handle yours with TLC.

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