Robert Allen and Doug Gordon talk about Doug’s book The Engaged Groom.  Robert asks Doug what inspired him to write the book.  When Doug got engaged in August 2003 he wanted his blog to have a focus.  He was busy wedding planning so he wrote about it… engaged from the groom’s
point of view.

Robert asks Doug how he thinks chronicling the wedding experience helped the wedding planning process.  Doug wrote about every last detail and learned more about weddings than the average guy.  How did his wife Leora feel about this?

Robert and Doug discuss how to be an engaged groom.  Great ideas to get involved.  Be the producer, delivery guy, food tester…you like to eat, right? Make and keep track of the budget.   Build a personalized wedding website.  What is the number one thing you can do to help to guarantee your efforts will be appreciated?  Listen to find out.

Engagements last at least 6 months. You need to stop looking at lists and swatches. It’s time for a good dose of sanity.  All couples need to hear about Doug and Leora’s wedding-free zone.  This is one of many useful Engaged Groom tips you will find within this show.

Do you micromanage your wedding?  Did you actually listen to the lyrics when making your music selections?  Did you realize your favorite love song is about heartbreak?  Just because a song has a good beat doesn’t mean it’s appropriate at a wedding.

Great advice: a Do Not Play List.

The bachelor party discussion.  Open communication is key.  Be sensitive to your fiance’s wishes and be honest.  Are you comfortable with the plans?  Be advised when you should not have your bachelor party.

Doug helps give voice to questions and concerns that many grooms share.

To visit Doug Gordon’s website click here

Thanks for listening.

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